Remus Lupin (arjayloopin) wrote in do_you_swear,
Remus Lupin

Who Sirius and Remus.
Where Prefect's bathroom.
When November 20, 1976.
What Shameless buggery.
Why Hey, they've only got a limited time here, people.

Doing away hastily with the book in his hand (he had actually finished all of his real homework and had been in the middle of The Odyssey, which could be left for later), Remus swung his legs out of bed to stand. He wasn't wearing his robes, naturally, but that was no matter--it was after school hours anyway. He did, however, glance briefly into the mirror, but there was nothing he could really do about the general rumpledness of his appearance. Of course, Sirius probably wouldn't mind, all things considered. Biting his lip, he surveyed the room once to make sure his things were neat before leaving hurriedly, taking the stairs two at a time and all but dashing out the portrait hole to make it to the Prefect's bathroom.
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