Remus Lupin (arjayloopin) wrote in do_you_swear,
Remus Lupin

Who Regulus and Remus.
Where Shrieking Shack. YES, you read that correctly.
When October 31, 1976, after the Ball. Or during the end of it.
What A HORRIBLE MISTAKE. Drunken sex and a mortifying morning after.
Why Remus thinks Regulus is Sirius. Regulus thinks Remus is hot.

Fact: Remus Lupin was completely and utterly drunk.

Fact: He had no idea how he had reached that state.

The Great Hall had been much too noisy for him, sounds and colors disorienting, and he made his way out of the large room as quickly as possible. Confusingly enough, it had taken him much longer than he had expected to cross the room, considering the floor seemed to be moving like some sort of treadmill, but nevertheless, perserverance paid off and Remus thrilled at the touch of cool stone against the side of his face. Although he had no real idea as to how he had ended up pressed against the wall of the dimly-lit corridor in the first place. It was no matter; the surface felt wonderful against his flushed cheek, and he closed his eyes, grinning.
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