veraverasexy (veraverasexy) wrote in do_you_swear,

Who: Vera and Cris
What: Hmmm
Where: Grounds
When: After dinner, almost dark
Why: They love to get jiggy
Rating: Up there

Vera moved across the grounds of Hogwarts to sit under a tree set way on the edge of the forest. She wore a short skirt with pleats and her blazer and tie, although she didn't quite look the innocent schoolgirl. Her hair was down and curly, with just the right amount of makeup to accentuate her positives, and the shirt under he blazer showed quite the nice bit of cleavage. The tie was undone, hanging loosely around her neck.
She sat under the tree, legs crossed straight in front of her, as she pulled out her nail file, waiting to see when cris would stop by.
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