Andromeda Black (atadlessblack) wrote in do_you_swear,
Andromeda Black


As the only member of the family who will not hate me after I do what I have to do, I would like to invite you to a little wedding. Mother and Father are trying to marry me off to some German idiot that Cissa dumped so she could have Malfoy, only I don't want to marry him either, so Ted and I came up with a plan. He's going to marry me first, so that the German can't have me.

I'm leaving the family behind, like you did, so that I can marry Ted and have a happy life full of love and everything else. So if you'd like to come to our wedding then please feel free - and I suppose you can bring Potter if you want to, but don't tell anyone else, it's a secret remember. I haven't even told Ted I'm writing this owl to you. Still reply if you want to come - and tell James he can too.



PS - At least I can get rid of the Black name unlike you, poor thing.

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Oh, I would be honored to attend, Andromeda. And very flattered that you wish to share this with me. We are, it seems, the only ones in our family with a heart. I'll be sure to tell James.