Andromeda Black (atadlessblack) wrote in do_you_swear,
Andromeda Black

Characs: Ted and Andi
When: 23 Mar 1976, morning
Where: By the lake
Summary: Ted's bday pressy

(A bit long so there's a cut)

Andi hoped the owl would get to Ted and wake him up before he woke up by himself. She had scrawled "Happy Birthday Ted" on the envelope in multi-coloured ink and the rest of the letter was in a normal black ink.


Happy 17th, welcome to the legal life!

Don't go to breakfast, don't panic I will feed you, but come down to the lake and follow the trail - you'll see.

Much love,


Andi had got up quite early to get everything ready, she had visited the kitchens and the elves had helped her with their breakfast, and then she had gone down to set up by the lake. She left a trail of red rose petals from the path along to her hidden cove, that she had charmed so only her and Ted could see it. At the end of the trail in the cove was a tartan blanket laid out on the sand with a huge variety of foodstuffs, ranging from scrambled eggs to strawberries to a pitcher of pumpkin juice. The elves had been quite enthusiastic when she had asked for help. In amongst it all sat Andi, who fiddled nervously with her school tie, growing gradually more impatient as she waited for Ted to get up and arrive.

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