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Ravenclaw Vs Slytherin

Who Quidditch fans! (anyone and everyone!)
Where Quidditch pitch/school grounds/wherev.
When After the game

"Beautiful day for a match, hm?" A Slytherin laughed as the stands were cleared, the game having finished, "Pity we lost, but that Tonks kid getting bashed, now that was worth the game!" He and his friends snickered as the walked down the stairs and off to the castle.

The game had went on as most Quidditch games, cheering for the Ravenclaws, booing for the Slytherins, and points scored by each. Ravenclaw had won by 210 points, but one of their players, Ted Tonks, had been badly injured by the Slytherin beater, and there wasn't a bludger in sight. He had been taken off to the hospital wing, much to the worry of his team mates and most of the students, but to the delight of the Slytherins. It was no matter, though, for it just seemed to give the Ravenclaws another reason to beat the Slytherins.

Now, the game had finished and the Ravenclaws had just gotten off the field from their victory lap, the last cheers having died off. Students were milling about, avoiding going back into the castle and loosing the general excitement of a quidditch match.
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