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[21 Nov 2006|04:36am]

Who Sirius and Remus.
Where Prefect's bathroom.
When November 20, 1976.
What Shameless buggery.
Why Hey, they've only got a limited time here, people.

Doing away hastily with the book in his hand (he had actually finished all of his real homework and had been in the middle of The Odyssey, which could be left for later), Remus swung his legs out of bed to stand. He wasn't wearing his robes, naturally, but that was no matter--it was after school hours anyway. He did, however, glance briefly into the mirror, but there was nothing he could really do about the general rumpledness of his appearance. Of course, Sirius probably wouldn't mind, all things considered. Biting his lip, he surveyed the room once to make sure his things were neat before leaving hurriedly, taking the stairs two at a time and all but dashing out the portrait hole to make it to the Prefect's bathroom.
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6 November 1976 [06 Nov 2006|12:02pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Who: James and Lily
Where: Gryffindor Common room
When: November 6, 1976
What: A discussion between two mature consenting adults. :D
Why: James kissed Lily once upon a time. Also knowns as Court has no idea why but James won't shut up so this is probably the best thing for him.

Homework was overrated, but James was not about to give Lily any more reason to get on his case about not being responsible. Just to disprove her, he sat in the common room, fiddling with a quill while he thought over his Charms essay. It wasn't that hard, but starting was always the worst part wasn't it? He flipped open his book and scanned the pages to find some inspiration for the introduction, all the while hoping Sirius, Remus, or Peter would come by for a distraction.

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[06 Nov 2006|05:24am]

Who Regulus and Remus.
Where Shrieking Shack. YES, you read that correctly.
When October 31, 1976, after the Ball. Or during the end of it.
What A HORRIBLE MISTAKE. Drunken sex and a mortifying morning after.
Why Remus thinks Regulus is Sirius. Regulus thinks Remus is hot.

Fact: Remus Lupin was completely and utterly drunk.

Fact: He had no idea how he had reached that state.

The Great Hall had been much too noisy for him, sounds and colors disorienting, and he made his way out of the large room as quickly as possible. Confusingly enough, it had taken him much longer than he had expected to cross the room, considering the floor seemed to be moving like some sort of treadmill, but nevertheless, perserverance paid off and Remus thrilled at the touch of cool stone against the side of his face. Although he had no real idea as to how he had ended up pressed against the wall of the dimly-lit corridor in the first place. It was no matter; the surface felt wonderful against his flushed cheek, and he closed his eyes, grinning.
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[26 Oct 1976|01:36pm]

Who Sirius and Remus.
When October 26, 1976 - Just late posting, is all!
Where Their dorm room.
What A fight. And a resolution.
Rating PG-13.

And now you are seating with Slytherins! Gone to the other Black, have you? I'm not good enough?Collapse )
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[27 Oct 2006|06:36am]

Who: Vera and Open
What: Depends on the who
Where: Out on the grounds near the lake under a tree
When: Shortly after dinner, so its sundownish
Rating: Depends on the what

Vera had finished her dinner and decided to walk down to the lake to get a bit of relaxation in. She had been busy the last few days, what with NEWTS and, or course, the Slytherin and pureblooded boys. She brought out on of her potions texts to look over notes for the next day's exam, which she pulled from her pocket and enlarged to proper size.
Sighing, she opened to the correct page and began to read, noting how tedious this was.
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[23 Oct 2006|04:08pm]

Who: Vera and Cris
What: Hmmm
Where: Grounds
When: After dinner, almost dark
Why: They love to get jiggy
Rating: Up there

Vera moved across the grounds of Hogwarts to sit under a tree set way on the edge of the forest. She wore a short skirt with pleats and her blazer and tie, although she didn't quite look the innocent schoolgirl. Her hair was down and curly, with just the right amount of makeup to accentuate her positives, and the shirt under he blazer showed quite the nice bit of cleavage. The tie was undone, hanging loosely around her neck.
She sat under the tree, legs crossed straight in front of her, as she pulled out her nail file, waiting to see when cris would stop by.
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[22 Oct 2006|03:40pm]

Owl to Hestia JonesCollapse )
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[19 Oct 2006|05:15pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Who Sirius and Any Gryffindor (Pssst Marauders)
Where Gryff Common room
When October 19, 1976
Time After classes
Rating M for mature.

Sprawling along the couch, Sirius twirled his wand between his fingers. He hadn't seen James nor Remus since classes and that was an hour ago and he was bored. His leg dragged along the floor slowly in a swaying rhythm and he hummed as he flicked his wand, changing the colour of the tapestry in his eye sight from red....to blue....to green...to purple...

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[17 Oct 2006|03:15pm]

Who: Riley and whoever
Where: Random Corridor
When: October 17, 1976
Time: After dinner
Rating: That would DEPEND wouldn't it? XD
Why: Because I'm BORED and random character interaction makes the world go round.

Riley walked down the corridor, nose almost planted into The Portrait of Dorian Gray. She had originally planned on reading in her dorm, but everyone's panicky study habits were driving her up a wall. It hardly even occured to her that she should be doing the same. Ha. Studying. Who actually needed that? She'd much rather read the classics than look over her Potions text. Hell, she'd rather do anything than look over her Potions text. It had been seven years. She'd managed to scrape her way into the NEWT class, but the subject of Potions STILL seemed to elude her. Ah, well. She figured it wasn't as if she'd need it. She fully intended on running off to America and becoming an actress. She didn't notice anyone else was in the hall with me until she heard a sigh. She looked up from her book, startled. "Hello, love," she said. She didn't bother with formalities. Everyone was a 'love' to her until proven otherwise.
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[28 Apr 2006|06:47pm]

Characters: Andi and Ted
Date: 28 Apr 1976
Where: Astro Tower

Owl to TedCollapse )
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[13 Apr 2006|12:29am]

Owl to SiriusCollapse )
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[23 Mar 2006|01:02am]

Characs: Ted and Andi
When: 23 Mar 1976, morning
Where: By the lake
Summary: Ted's bday pressy

(A bit long so there's a cut)

Andi hoped the owl would get to Ted and wake him up before he woke up by himself. She had scrawled "Happy Birthday Ted" on the envelope in multi-coloured ink and the rest of the letter was in a normal black ink.

Owl for TedCollapse )
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[05 Mar 2006|04:03pm]

Owl to Ted TonksCollapse )

Warning - getting to R rated :)
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[02 Mar 2006|12:47pm]

Characters: Andromeda and Ted
Date and Time: February 29, 1976 Lunch/Afternoon
Location: Hogsmeade
Rating: PG, maybe 13
Situation: Andi finds Ted after she's been shopping with Cissa

Andi stood outside one of the robe shops that Cissa had dragged her into and she looked up and down the street. She spotted Ted and walked quickly towards him, she threw her arms around his neck in a hug and buried her face in his shoulder, muttering "I'm so sorry." Over and over again.
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[01 Mar 2006|03:45pm]

Characters: Andromeda and Narcissa
Date and Time: February 29, 1976 Morning
Location: Entrance Hall & Hogsmeade
Rating: PG, maybe 13
Situation: Shopping!!

Andromeda stood in the Entrance Hall after breakfast as she waited for her youngest sister so that they could go to Hogsmeade. Cissa had said that she would help Andi to choose some make up and robes so that she could show herself off to her full potential. Andi would have prefered to spend the time with Ted and no doubt Cissa would have prefered to be with Malfoy, but they were stuck with each other for the morning.
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[13 Feb 2006|05:33pm]

Who Fenrir and Vera
Where The Courtyard
When Night before the ball
Rating High, for Fenrir is..Fenrir.

"Fucking love birds," Fenrir swore as he threw a snowball at a statue from where he was sitting on the edge of the courtyard. He had been out for about fourty minutes, muttering and grumbling about the stupid valentines ball. "Just another venue for fucking Silarial to guilt me," He snarled, but went silent as he sensed someone enter the courtyard across the way.

"Who now?"
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Walkies [18 Jan 2006|02:12pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Who Sev and Dam
When After dinner
Where School grounds..they are walking

Severus waitied outside the great hall for Damocles, hoping to catch the boy and take him for the walk he had amentioned in his journal before. He missed the boy's presence and needing to see him, so waiting like a lost puppy was something he woulddo to chance seeing the boy that evening.

Leaning against the wall, he waited...

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Ravenclaw Vs Slytherin [11 Jan 2006|04:36pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Who Quidditch fans! (anyone and everyone!)
Where Quidditch pitch/school grounds/wherev.
When After the game

"Beautiful day for a match, hm?" A Slytherin laughed as the stands were cleared, the game having finished, "Pity we lost, but that Tonks kid getting bashed, now that was worth the game!" He and his friends snickered as the walked down the stairs and off to the castle.

The game had went on as most Quidditch games, cheering for the Ravenclaws, booing for the Slytherins, and points scored by each. Ravenclaw had won by 210 points, but one of their players, Ted Tonks, had been badly injured by the Slytherin beater, and there wasn't a bludger in sight. He had been taken off to the hospital wing, much to the worry of his team mates and most of the students, but to the delight of the Slytherins. It was no matter, though, for it just seemed to give the Ravenclaws another reason to beat the Slytherins.

Now, the game had finished and the Ravenclaws had just gotten off the field from their victory lap, the last cheers having died off. Students were milling about, avoiding going back into the castle and loosing the general excitement of a quidditch match.

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[10 Jan 2006|06:19pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Who: Riley and Open
When: January 10, 1976
Where: Any random hallway, really. If you want to get specific, let's say the Charms corridor
Summary: Riley is wandering the hallways, having just been released from the infirmary. (She had the flu)
Rating: Well, that would depend on who she meets, now wouldn't it? Possibly R, but most likely PG or

Riley walked slowly down the hallway, not wanting to overexert herself. She was still feeling rather week from the bug that Madam Pomfrey cured. She crossed her arms across her waist and blew a stray hair from her face as she wandered. She had vaguely thought she heard someone calling her name, but, being distracted with other thoughts, she ignored it, supposing it was a figment of her imagination. Eventually, though, the voice called again. She turned around, and visibly brightened when she saw who it was.

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THREAD OF SAD [05 Jan 2006|06:18pm]

[ mood | cold ]

WhoSev and Sil
WhereSlytherin Common room
When Evening time, during supper hour
RatingPG-13 perhaps, they are both sad and broody afterall

"Blast it," Severus muttered, closing his book of Lord Bryon's poetry, not being able to focus really on the man's prose, his mind on Damocles. He hadn't spoken to the boy for a while and he was frustrated by the fact that he had seemed to be talking with others. "Hmph, I do not need him anyway." Severus said as he pouted, sulking down the stairs as the rest of his housemates headed to supper.

Except one. "Silarial." He said simply, spotting her on the couch and moving to sit on the chair nearby, "Aren't you going to dinner, with the rest?"

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